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Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Pride All Year

Pride month is monumental to say the least. But it is so much more than just a single month-long event. The LGBTQ+ community needs to be supported and celebrated all the time, not just during June. The month of June is a joyous occasion, and we love to fly rainbow flags, attend parades, and share messages of love, respect and acceptance. But isn’t this something we all should be doing 365 days a year? Why does it have to stop June 30? The harsh truth is that our Pride stickers, hats, and other memorabilia don’t mean a whole lot if it expires on June 30.  Discussions and actions on diversity, inclusion, and belonging should be happening all year round. Here are our top five ways to show your pride every month.


Talk About Preferred Pronouns

There are a lot of ways to share your preferred pronouns starting with how you introduce yourself. You can also ask others about their preferred pronouns. Always address others by those pronouns to show you respect them. It’s never safe to assume a person’s personal pronouns. If you are not sure how to address an individual, just ask. Our blog on gender-neutral pronouns offers lots of tips.

Remove Harmful Language From Your Vocabulary

Our society has a lot of language habits that are harmful and hurting. When we speak respectfully about gender, experiences, and preferences, we empower others to be more aware. This creates a more positive environment for all of us.

Support Locally-Owned LGBTQ+ Businesses

Checkout your local community and find out more about business owners. Now is the perfect time to support female business owners, LGBTQ+-owned businesses, and those owned by people of color or other minorities. Your local chamber of commerce may have a list of LGBTQ+ companies. If they don’t, maybe you should consider compiling a list of your own to share with other members of the community. We all need to support one another.

Listen to LGBTQ+ Voices

When you are part of the LGBTQ+ community, even if you are a straight ally, you should be listening to LGBTQ+ voices. Listening to someone’s coming-out journey can help you be a better friend, supporter, and ally. It helps create safe spaces to discuss and learn. Rally around those voices who are changing the course of history. Seek out and follow activists and influencers on social media platforms.

Donate or Volunteer

There are a lot of national and regional LGBTQ+ causes to rally behind. Show your support by making a personal donation of money or time. These organizations are making a difference and helping to fight for LGBTQ+ rights. Volunteering can be a very rewarding and learning experience.


Pride All Year Long

To continue moving toward equality, we all have to speak up when we see injustice or unfairness against anyone. Our goal is to share respect and love for everyone no matter what gender, race, preference, or sexual identity. Pride month is a great time of celebration, but it’s also a reminder that we must continue the fight for equality, belonging, and inclusion.