Ideas for Shopping for Gender-Nonconforming Clothes - We are Pride

The world of fashion changes very fast. However, it’s been a bit slow when it comes to providing for the gender-nonconforming community. When you go to the store, you’ll see the “men” and “women” sections, but it can be difficult to find gender-neutral clothing. When department stores’ marketing and thoughts don’t match up to your gender identity, what are you supposed to do?

Good News in Gender-Nonconforming Clothing

The good news is that even trends are leaning toward more gender-nonconforming clothing options. Most times they are marked as unisex or “free-size.” But these options are expanding as the style is embraced. Some of the top designers like Gucci and H&M are now offering styles without regarding gender. Designer Rachel Comey has begun offering her own line of non-gendered clothing through her website. She states, “I’m sure politics has something to do with it, but more and more I think people are challenging the idea of gender as something that is black and white.” But what if you are not shopping a unisex or gender non-conforming brand?

Tips for Shopping Gender Non-conforming Brands

Consider Your Body Type

When you are shopping in any clothing section, think about your body type. How do you want the clothes to accentuate or hide specific characteristics? Think about the shape you want to create with your clothing. Genderfluid shopping means finding what works for you. Do you want to change your silhouette with a binder or pushup bra? You are not limited to just one shape. Don’t be afraid to explore. When in doubt grab a jumpsuit or onesie.

Size is Relative

Shop brands that carry a wide range of available sizes. The wider the range of sizes, the more likely it is for you to find the shape and style you desire to create. Some of the brands most often used by gender-nonconforming people include VEEA, Kirrin Finch, FLAVNT, Radimo, and Premme.

Styles Don’t Matter

Colors, patterns, and designs are universal. Over the years, styles have changed drastically. For instance, before the 20th century, men wore lacy tops to express privilege and high status. Women didn’t wear suits until they entered the workforce. The battle of the sexes has finally started to undercut stereotypes. Now you can wear workplace attire without affirming gender imbalance. There are unisex trousers and multiple blazer styles to go around.

The Price Issue

Sometimes, it’s hard to find affordable gender-fluid clothing. Fortunately, some of the smaller brands are starting to cater to gender-neutral shoppers. But some designers are more mindful than others. Sometimes, it comes down to which designers are founded by outside, corporate funds. Small operations often cater to under-represented groups, but prices are outrageous.

When in Doubt – Do it Yourself!

There are lots of tricks and adjustments you can do to turn gendered clothing into non-gendered options. In particular, dresses, shirts, and jackets are easy to alter so they fit your body and your style. Old clothing can be recycled by cutting, patching, or sewing to make brand new styles.

Ultimately, your confidence and the way you feel are deciding factors when it comes to style and fashion. So, while you are waiting for clothing lines and societal norms to catch up with the rest of the world, take the liberty to do whatever you like! The trends will eventually catch up with you! While you wait, accessorize with gay pride bracelets, pins, or scarves.